Laser Tattoo Removal in Austin

Laser tattoo removal is a safe and effective way to remove an unwanted tattoo or to lighten a tattoo for a cover-up. The latest in non-ablative laser technology is designed to break up the tattoo ink particles without damage to the surrounding tissue. Multiple laser treatments will be needed to remove a tattoo.

Laser tattoo removal in Austin is offered by our sister company Mad Dog Tattoo Removal. To learn more about laser tattoo removal visit the Mad Dog Tattoo Removal website or use our convenient contact form to schedule an appointment or to e-mail us a question about tattoo removal. You may also contact Mad Dog Tattoo Removal in Austin directly at 512.476.6500.

Please note that lasers used for tattoo removal are classified by the FDA as prescription devices. In Texas, the use of prescription devices must be authorized by a physician. You may contact the Texas Department of State Health Services at 512.834.6755 or the Texas Medical Board at 512-305-7030 for more information.

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